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Title Description Price
Data?Supporting?Service?(Target?Market) 1000?Qty?&?Above?Data 500?MMKs?per?one
Under?1000?Data 550?MMKs?per?one
Email?Blast?Service 10000?Qty?&?Above?Email 100?MMKs?per?one
5000?Qty?to?9999?Qty?Email 125?MMKs?per?one
1000?Qty?to?4999?Qty?Email 150?MMKs?per?one
200?Qty?to?999?Qty?Email 200?MMKs?per?one
Door to Door Invitation Service 1000 Qty & Above Invitation 600?MMKs?per?one
500 Qty to 999 Qty Invitation 800?MMKs?per?one
At least 300 to 499 Qty 1000?MMKs?per?one

*** Price exclusive commercial tax 5% ***